Taz Taz

Tariq ‘Taz’ Mian has been dancing Salsa since 2002 and teaching since 2004. His style is about flair, smooth fluid motion, pleasing moves and dancing to the music and rhythms.

His emphasis is placed on technique and musical interpretation as the key to being a good dancer and this is reflected in his teaching style. He strongly believes that dancers should use what they know to express their individuality to the music and not use the music as an excuse to show off their latest moves or dips. He focuses on creating an understanding between partners as he believes in being a very connected dance partner.


Roderick ‘Sonic’ Parkman has been dancing for over 10 years and has been teaching for 8 years.

Roderick has been a DJ for over 40 years (where sonic comes from, ‘Rods Sonic Sound’) where he has gained a love of all types of music. Even before realising what ‘Salsa’ was, he had been playing Latin tracks at his discos.

Roderick’s love and passion for Salsa shines through in his teaching. Roderick puts together all his experiences when originally learning to dance to help others understand and achieve their own goals. Whether you have two left feet Roderick will help you to get both of them on the dance floor.

David started to dance Salsa in 2002 and considers himself living proof that almost anyone can dance! However he belives his memories of early struggles to overcome his two left feet and master the rhythm of the dance have put him in an ideal position to encourage beginners to continue to practice and learn.